Routine Service

Maintenance & Service

After 85 years in the automobile business our commitment to protecting each customer's investment grows stronger each day. To ensure we deliver the highest quality maintenance and routine services our fully certified and trained technicians use premier diagnostic equipment and factory specified parts. In fact, we're so confident in the integrity of our process that we guarantee all repairs - every job from an oil change, tire rotation or fuel service to emission control, transmission repair or brake service.

We know that there is the occasional temptation to bring your new car to the closest or cheapest chain store, but have you considered the benefits of bringing your car to an authorized dealer?

  1. Consider: Did you know that new cars have warranties that specify maintenance schedules and repair procedures?
          Peace of Mind: Service from one of our authorized shops will eliminate the possibility of voiding the warranty for failure to meet requirements.
  2. Consider: Worse than a warranty being voided, are mounting repairs due to service guesswork or faulty parts.
          Peace of Mind: Franchised new car dealerships guarantee their technicians utilize the latest information from each of their factory service experts, and only new car dealers carry an inventory of genuine manufacturer specified parts to cover all repairs to the vehicles they sell.

  3. Consider: A chain store or local garage is not cheaper than your authorized dealer.
          Peace of Mind: Non-authorized dealers use available parts that aren't guaranteed by the manufacturer and their technicians are not always trained on today's increasingly complex vehicles. That aside, to counter the myth that an authorized dealer is more expensive we're happy to share our rates versus our local competition. We promise, we are competitive.

  4.  Consider: The thought running through your mind as you map out another busy week is that it will just be faster to run to the repair store near your office during lunchtime.
          Peace of Mind: Carbone Auto Group offers extended service hours (including nights and weekends) and express service lanes for routine maintenance so you can get the service you deserve when you need it.