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Is Your Car Safe?

If you don’t have a safe and inspected vehicle, you could be driving around in a coffin. Perhaps that’s a grim view of cars, but having the proper tire tread, fluid levels, lighting systems, and more in place can serve as a life-saving measure on the streets of Yorkville, NY.

Tire treads ware out with time due to the friction between the tire and the road. Once the tread depth is 4/32 inch, it a clear indication of a need to replace the tire. Driving on such a tire is illegal. This type of a tire is…

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Understand Your Oil Indicator Icon

Dashboard warning lights serve a useful purpose for Yorkville, NY commuters. Whether you’re traveling around town or setting off on a boundless expedition, it is important to pay attention to these illuminated icons. Carbone Automotive Group can help you understand your dashboard lights, including your oil indicator icon. Oil indicator lights are important for a variety of reasons:

  • Your oil indicator could demonstrate that your automobile may be low on oil.
  • You could also potentially have an engine oil leak.
  • Your oil filter may be clogged.
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