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Best Year End Car Deals for 2017

It’s December across the automotive world, so you can imagine what that means! Automakers and car dealerships across the world are clearing out inventory to prep for incoming 2018 models —that means you and your family can take advantage of huge year end deals on the new car, truck or SUV you've been eyeing.

The Carbone team has been enjoying this informative piece that features Edmunds Best Year-End Car Deals for 2017.


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Know the Two Key Differences Between 4 Wheel Drive and All Wheel Drive Systems

Many first time 4-wheel drive or all-wheel drive buyers are a little confused or do not understand the difference between the two drivetrain systems. Here at Carbone Automotive Group, we offer both selections in many of our vehicles and would like to help you easily understand the difference between the two and assist you in deciding which is the best choice for your needs and wants.

All-wheel drive is an automated, hands-off system that engages all 4 wheels with the drive train and will move more or less tire rotation to individual tires depending on their traction or lack of…

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Why Let Our Mechanics Choose Parts for Your Vehicle?

Anyone who has bought a vehicle in the local area knows that our team at Carbone Automotive Group cares about you and your vehicle. This might be one reason to let our service center choose your vehicle parts, but, here is another one, we will only use parts that are the right ones for your vehicle. Too many auto parts look like they are made to fit and later cause damage to your vehicle.

At our service center, we only use the parts that are recommended for your vehicle. We won't take a chance on your safety or the…

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