A New Truck From Jeep

Most people are familiar with the many different kinds of SUVs that are available from Jeep. Jeep isn't just in the SUV business. The Jeep Gladiator is a pickup truck that has the same ruggedness and reliability that you've come to expect from Jeep SUVs. The Jeep Gladiator is equipped with great features and capabilities.

When you own a truck, you want it to have the ability to haul and tow. The Jeep Gladiator has a towing capacity of up to 7,650 pounds. This is enough capacity to pull a large trailer. The Gladiator also has a payload capacity of up to 1,600 pounds.

When it comes to safety, the Jeep Gladiator is at the head of the pack. The Gladiator is equipped with adaptive cruise control with full stop. If you are approaching traffic that is halted on the road, the system can stop the Gladiator entirely to avoid an accident.

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