You'll Never Blind Another Driver When You're Using the Toyota C-HR

Have you ever been driving down a country road, then you saw a deer on the side? You were probably pretty thankful that you had your high beams on to see the potential accident. But then you need to turn your high beams off so that you don't blind another driver. With the popular subcompact SUV, the Toyota C-HR, you can have a vehicle that will do this, and other things, for you.

The automatic high beams come standard on the C-HR so that even if you forget to turn the high beams off when another vehicle is approaching, they'll still go off. The vehicle achieves this by using radar to sense when another vehicle is near.

You can also enjoy the lane-departure alert, which knows when you're leaving your lane. It then tells you so that you can get things back on track. If you still don't respond, the Toyota C-HR will correct your steering for you.

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