Prepare for Your First Off-Roading Adventure

We at Carbone Automotive Group are anxious to help you learn everything you can about your vehicle and preparing it for your off-roading experience. Once your vehicle is ready, set off on the trails with a group of friends and enjoy putting your vehicle to the test and feel confident in its safety.

The best way to be prepared for off-roading is to make a list of things you need, such as a full-sized spare tire, a tow strap and a high-lift jack. A fire extinguisher and extra fluids for your vehicle are always a good idea as well.

Standard safety measures should include a first-aid kit and extra food and water. Alternative communications and navigation are also a good idea when going out to do some off-roading.

When you are in the Yorkville area, bring your vehicle to our service center to make sure your vehicle is inspected and ready to go on your next off-roading adventure.

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