Towing Guide Safety Tips You Should Carefully Consider

The team working here at Carbone Automotive Group wanted to share these towing safety tips so you are less likely to experience trouble on the roads.

  • Check the tire pressure in the trailer tires before and after a load is in place.
  • If the side mirrors aren't giving you enough view of either side of the trailer, apply a few blind spot mirrors to increase visibility.
  • After the wiring has been connected, get another person behind the trailer so they can make certain all the lights, from brake, parking, to turn signals, are all working.
  • Before you put the vehicle on the trailer, take a minute to make certain all the lugs are secure. Use the lug wrench to tighten the lugs then load the vehicle on the trailer.

Keep up maintenance appointments at Carbone Automotive Group so when it does come time to tow a vehicle, you will experience less trouble on the roads.

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