Is Your Car Safe?

If you don’t have a safe and inspected vehicle, you could be driving around in a coffin. Perhaps that’s a grim view of cars, but having the proper tire tread, fluid levels, lighting systems, and more in place can serve as a life-saving measure on the streets of Yorkville, NY.

Tire treads ware out with time due to the friction between the tire and the road. Once the tread depth is 4/32 inch, it a clear indication of a need to replace the tire. Driving on such a tire is illegal. This type of a tire is dangerous to drive on because there is no grip on the road surface.

The standard and safe depth of the tire treads is 10/32 inch. All-terrain and winter tires will have a deeper tread. A vehicle with the 4/32 inch tread depth will take ten times more car lengths to stop than a car with 10/32 inch tread depth tire.

Visit us at our Yorkville service center for your car inspection and tire replacement. We hope to help you drive safer and with more confidence, no matter the weather.

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