The Importance of Suspension Performance

The components of the steering mechanism and the suspension work together to ensure that a vehicle handles properly while traveling down the road. The systems are also responsible for minimizing the bumps and vibrations the vehicle endures in order to offer a smooth ride. Driving on rough roads, potholes and running into curbs damages suspension parts. Suspension problems are noticed when a vehicle no longer travels in a straight line. It may bounce on uneven roads.

These are signs that ball joints, shocks, struts or tie-rod ends and bushings need to undergo evaluation and possible replacement. For the safety of your vehicle's occupants and the assurance of vehicle performance, visit our technicians at Carbone Automotive Group for a check-up when you notice handling and function problems. Our skilled team will determine the problem and make the necessary adjustments.

We are ready at Carbone Automotive Group to handle all your service and repair needs.

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