Technology in the new Dodge Challenger

There are all new features available with the 2019 Dodge Challenger. Dodge has amped up the cabin to include some of the most advanced technology specs to date, including a reboot of the old infotainment system, voice-activated controls, and new driver safety features. You can now use the center console and touch-screen LED display to look at everything going on with your engine and even change your performance.

For those who love to drive this sporty muscle car, the cabin is a dream. Even in the standard trim, you’ll get outstanding technology features for playing music, using apps hands-free, and connecting to your social media through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In addition, the premium package includes GPS, satellite radio, and more sensors and cameras for lane departure assist.

Need to feel the new technology? You can test drive the all-new Dodge Challenger and experience the latest technology at Carbone Automotive Group located in Yorkville, NY.

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