Carpooling: Stay Safe and Have Fun!

Getting ready for the kids to go back to school is a great way to get involved in the community. Starting a carpool can help parents and kids socialize and help save time and money. We at Carbone Automotive Group have a few tips to keep everything running smoothly.

Safety is important. Distribute a list of rules to potential parents. Booster seat recommendations, requirements for safe driving, and rules for picking up and dropping off children should all be listed.

Kids in a car should be in the back seats if they are under 13 years of age and should have a booster seat if required by law. Scheduling parents to have both pickups and drop-offs on the same day will help kids keep track of their booster seats.

An online platform where parents can access information and chat can help keep everyone organized during the week.

If you are in the Yorkville, NY area come chat with our sales associates about your new carpool and test drive a family vehicle today!

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