Tips On How To Travel With Food This Holiday Season

Have you ever traveled with food during the holiday season to find that your dish didn't look how it did before you transported it? It can be quite a hassle to transport dishes throughout the holiday season, and here are some tips on how to keep your delicious foods safe while driving to relatives or community functions.

  • Make sure all the containers are sealed tight
  • pack in boxes or laundry baskets with rolled up towels to keep insulated
  • Freeze the food before traveling. It will be thawed by the time you arrive.
  • When using things like cookie sheets to transport, place the sheet on a non-slip mat

If you are taking bite sized food, they are easily transported on a baking sheet wrapped in plastic wrap on a non-skid mat on the floor of your backseat or in your trunk. Be sure that your vehicle is in ideal shape before you head out as well. If you haven’t gotten your seasonal maintenance, head on down to our service center before you leave!

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