The Unique Attributes of the 2017 Ford Escape

The brand new 2017 Ford Escape's automatic transmission enhances engine power and torque ranges, with closer ratios and patented hydraulic systems. Smarter shift logic assists the towing process with improved features that can haul any caravan easily. The brand new adaptive shift-scheduling algorithms monitor the powertrain and motorist control signals in real time, guaranteeing the best experience by engaging the gears at the right time. The sport mode will give you a unique driving experience since the gearbox is responsive. In addition, you can enjoy the non-sequential shifting enabled by the unique high-speed one-way clutch.

Weight savings also play a key function in enhancing the shifting process and increasing the agility of the car. The gearbox does not utilize any cast-iron components but prefers the innovative alloys to reduce the weight. The clutch acts as an integrated torque converter to help reduce the weight with more than two pounds, while lowering the packaging and the overall cost.
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